Le Touquet – 31st August 2018

A compilation of video and images of the trip to Le Touquet 2018. (Credit:  Ken Faria)

Early on Friday 31st August the sun was out, the clouds were few and the trip to Le Touquet from Redhill was going ahead.  

Out on the pads were 2 x G2’s, 1 x R22 and 1 x R44.  Once these aircraft depart with their pilots and passengers another 3 x R44’s would be wheeled out onto the pads ready to lift and the journey to France. 

EBG Helicopters briefing packs for each aircraft prior to the trip to France.
Planning and preparation!

Planning is key to most activities and nevermore so than coordinating a large number of pilots with a large number of aircraft. 

Below is a time-lapse video of the activity on the morning to get the aircraft out onto the pads and away.  

Time-lapse of aircraft departing for France

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