Congratulations to Captain Tim Piper!

A very well done congratulations goes to Captain Piper who has passed his FE rating and is now able to conduct PC / type ratings and PPL skills tests.

Captain Tim Piper from EBG Helicopters.
Captain Tim Piper

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Spring is here

Daffs at the airfield.
Daffs at the airfield

Spring is certainly here. The lighter days and nights, the weather hopefully improving all the time.

An ideal time to consider booking that Helicopter sight seeing trip, starting that learning to fly bucket list item you’ve talked about so much?

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London sights anyone?

Sight seeing trip in a helicopter along the river Thames, what’s it like, what do you see?

Something like this.

London sights view
Sample view from a London sights helicopter tour

Or maybe this?

St. Pauls and the City

Sight seeing trip anyone?

An experience day to say the least. An exciting way to fly, great visibility, lovely day.

One of our EC120’s with excited passengers on their way to London

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Busy at the airfield

Another busy day at the airfield, getting aircraft out of their slumber and ready for action.

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Busy day at Redhill Aerodrome

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Self fly hire to Elstree

Earlier this week Capt. Anne-Marie and Capt. Paul went on a self fly hire trip to Elstree in LYZA, one of our G2 helicopters.

An excellent experience building flight by all accounts, with a good cafe for a cuppa which is always important!

G2 view on the way to Elstree
On the way to Elstree.
View from the G2, on the way to Elstree for coffee.
View from the G2, on the way to Elstree for coffee

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Flying helicopters isn’t all fly fly fly. As with most things in life there is paperwork and record keeping in there.

Here we have Captain Anne-Marie filling in the tech log for one of EBG’s G2 helicopters on a recent self fly hire to Elstree.

Getting the paperwork in order.

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What a stunning view!

A stunning view of London

A lovely view of London from one of EBG’s helicopters during a sight seeing trip.

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One of our EC120’s

Our of our EC120s on her way back to the hangar.
DLUX on her way back to the hangar

What a way to fly in one of our EC120 helicopters. Here we have a nice shot of DLUX making her way back to the hangar apparently under her own steam.

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Nice lines!

Slightly different shot of one of our G2 helicopters.

LYZA in the sun.  One of our G2 helicopters at EBG Helicopters.
Nice lines of LYZA, one of our G2 helicopters.

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