Redhill Aerodrome – Say No to Garden Village

If you haven’t heard already the Directors of Redhill Aerodrome have carried out a review of the site and its potential for development and have come up with a scheme to build the Redhill Aerodrome New Garden Community. This development will become a new community of 4,500 homes supported by schools, link roads and open space.

First off the mark to take action against this proposal was 13-year-old Casper Pierce who set up petition to fight plans to replace Redhill Aerodrome with 4,500 homes.

Stop Redhill Aerodrome from becoming a housing estate! Add your name to the petition now! 

The following extract is from his email asking for support to sign the petition against the proposed development to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and Tandridge District Council. “Redhill Aerodrome is very important to me because I work there and if it closed I would lose my job. I won’t be the only one affected. Many businesses such as flying schools will lose their place and where will they go? Redhill Aerodrome can inspire young people like myself to possibly go on to getting a job in the aviation industry and living out their dreams. If Redhill Aerodrome was to go it will not only leave a hole in my heart but will leave a huge hole in the sky where I once used to look up as a child and marvel at the planes as they flew over my house.

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