Frequently Asked Questions.

What do I need to bring?
Passengers must bring valid photographic ID. Cameras and video cameras are recommended! All our aircraft are heated so regardless of the time of year you shouldn’t need more than a light jumper.

How do I find you at the airfield?
Our flight operations run from Hanger One at Redhill Aerodrome. Enter the Aerodrome through the main entrance and continue straight up to the electronic barrier. Use the gate’s intercom to call us for access. Follow the road all the way round to the left, we are the last hanger beyond the Police & Air Ambulance’s base.
map-RH15JYFor Sat-Nav users our post code is RH1 5JY.

What should I expect on my helicopter sightseeing flight?
EBG prides itself on offering a friendly personal service. All our helicopters have leather seats and the Eurocopter fleet are air conditioned, all of our aircraft have cabin heating systems. You will get a personal narration by our highly qualified pilots, acting as your guides during the trip. The helicopters are equipped with three to six passenger seats plus one for the pilot. The seating arrangement is determined by the pilot based on the passengers’ weights. Your pilot or a member of staff will greet you on arrival and talk you through the route to be flown after a brief check-in process.

Is it expensive to charter a helicopter?
A Charter is priced on the type of aircraft required, distance travelled and time required. The cost will include the cost of positioning the aircraft to and from it’s base. Our minimum price for a custom charter is just £650.00 + vat.

Can the helicopter land anywhere?
No. Every endeavour will be made to land as near as is possible to the requested area keeping the safety of the passengers first and foremost. All private sites will be considered with regard to size and suitability as a landing site. Landings are also subject to the land owner’s permission and must adhere to the Civil Aviation Authorities guidelines.

What happens if the weather is not suitable for flight on the day?
Sadly the worst part of our job is always telling the customer that it’s not safe to fly. It will always however be the only answer if the weather is below the minima. Where weather has caused the cancellation of a flight you may be offered a rescheduled flight or refund see our full terms and conditions for more information.

When is payment required? (N/A for Sightseeing Vouchers & Trial Lessons)
A deposit of 50% of the total amount due, will secure your booking. The balance being due 2 weeks prior to the scheduled flight

How safe is it to fly in a helicopter?
Very. You are more at risk by walking across a public road for your local paper, than you are from flying in an aircraft, particularly in a helicopter. In the event of a problem a helicopter can glide, all routes are planned with safety in mind and our pilots are all qualified flight instructors, regularly required to demonstrate their abilities in an emergency.

At what height and speed do helicopters travel?
A. It varies from helicopter to helicopter. However most aircraft will cruise around 2,000ft and 150mph. (This will be dependant on the prevailing winds) More information can be found on Our Fleet page.

Are you permitted to take photographs in flight?
Yes. In most cases it is quite acceptable to take photographs and videos during your flight and even encouraged. If you’re not sure please ask your Pilot.

Can you use electronic devices in flight?
It is advisable that people do not use equipment such as laptops or PDA’s and that mobile phones are solely used in ‘flight mode’ or switched off due to interference with the aircraft avionics systems. Bluetooth must also be switched off.

Can alcohol be consumed in flight?
Yes. However normal rules apply to drunkenness; in so much that should a passenger report for a flight under the influence of drink or drugs, that it is within the scope of the aircraft captain to refuse to carry such passengers. It should be noted that champagne can be provided for special occasions on request.

Are there any restrictions on the carriage of certain items?
Yes. Please see our full terms and conditions for details on Dangerous Goods.

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