May Charter 2017 – G-DLUX EC120

EBG Operation’s Log, May 8th 2017. We have been dealing with an influx of charter quote requests as the summer season begins to get into full swing. The engineers have been incredibly busy keeping the fleet in top condition and the helicopter pilots are now regularly polishing their shoes in preparation for an unplanned charter flight. Today that preparation has come into fruition. Contacted by a regular broker we have been given notice to complete a charter flight in the EC120 helicopter G-DLUX. Our mission is to collect a business man from a rural area near Luton and transport him to Birmingham for a meeting.

Captain Piper has been assigned the charter flight, the weather appears optimal. After completing the ‘Check A’ inspection he heads off and is soon cruising at 110 kts in the helicopter. What he will do with himself while waiting for the passenger to return after his meeting, we can only speculate.

Photo provided by John Mason of
G-DLUX coming into land at Birmingham Airport with Captain T Piper.

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