Summer 2015 Newsletter Summary

What a Summer!!

A big thank you to our Commercial Pilots, Instructors, Ground Crew (Emma), Engineers and Admin Staff (Omi) for another successful summer season and we have managed it without the help of the weather in August!  It has not quietened down – September so far has not shown any sign for slowing up and, with a new influx of students, is keeping Joe, Jeff, Ken and the team fully occupied.

On that note, I must mention a big ‘Welcome’ to all the BIH students and Self-Fly Hirers who are making their way to us since BIH closed its doors on the 31st July.

Hope you enjoy our Newsletter – there are two opportunities coming up to join us and meet the EBG Team and fellow members.  Our BBQ which is on 27th September and our Fireworks Evening on 7th November.

For those of you who are new to EBG we have attached the previous newsletter so you can see what else we have been up to recently. (Spring Newsletter 2015). Looking forward, we hope you will enjoy being an active member of the EBG Club!

We’ve had a number of interesting jobs to complete over the flying season. From urgent deliveries of Nissan car parts to a factory all the way in Sunderland to action films (Age of Kill 2014 & We Still Kill the Old Way 2015).

But our most interesting yet has to be the Promo work we did with Random House for the new 50 Shades of Grey book “Grey”.



The day started bright and early for Ken who was flying this job. But earlier still for Omi who was meeting the gentleman who was adding the special ‘GREY Enterprises’ decal prior to the flight. The early departure was requested by the customers as the aircraft was due to feature on the ‘This Morning’ show that very day. Once g-WCKD was all stickered up she was flown the short journey to the London Heliport where filming would begin…

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Racing at Royal Ascot – (16/06/2015 – 20/06/2015)

Racing at Royal Ascot – starts on Tuesday 16th and runs until Saturday 20th June 2015! Book your private helicopter taxi now to avoid disappointment. Royal Ascot is known not only for its horse racing but the style and glamour of an event steeped in tradition. We can fly you directly into the dedicated heliport at the event ensuring you avoid the traffic by road, and queues at the train station that otherwise might tarnish your experience .
Royal Ascot - Helicopter
EBG Helicopters fly from a range of destinations and as we’re based less than 20 minutes from Ascot and 15 minutes from London Battersea Heliport our costs are guaranteed to be competitive. Whether you’re looking for the economic convenience of a Robinson R44, or something bigger we are sure to have something to suit your needs. Our fleet of aircraft is one of the largest in the South East all with Leather Interiors and VIP Spec.

For your bespoke quote why not call our 24 Hour Charter Line on 01737 823 179 or drop us an email.

email us at: charter @

Busy day at EBG – Flying to Ascot

Not only was it a glorious morning this morning, but it was busy too!  Here we have G-IGPW, G-WCKD and G-CHFD all spiffed up and shiny ready to whizz off to Ascot.  Indeed, it was so hectic, we had to employ an extra just to run around after Nick with a fire extinguisher to put his hair out………

EBG helicopters EC130 G-WCKD EC120 G-IGPW A109 SP G-CHFD

Helicopters Going to Ladies Day at Ascot