G-ETWO New Cabri G2

Helicopteres Guimbal was founded late-2000, with the purpose of developing and certifying the two-seat helicopter Cabri G2. The program was based on the achievements of the technological demonstrator that Bruno Guimbal had built and tested in the 90’s. After six years of intense development and nearly 300 hours of relentless flight testing, in December 2007 they were successful and had achieved the Cabri G2 Type Certificate. The first genuine European piston helicopter ever!

Jump forward to 2013 where we began our own route to obtaining a Cabri G2. After talking to current operators of the machine and contacting other maintenance companies involved in the Cabri G2, EBG (Helicopters) Ltd decided to obtain their own Cabri G2 through the UK distributor Cotswold Helicopter Centre.

The decision was prompted by a combination of factors; the R22’s flight characteristics are delicate and are often considered twitchy for a training machine, in addition the manufacturer has no plans to develop it further. There has been a leap in both technology and construction of the Cabri which helped EBG to reach this rather exciting decision.

Captain Ken Faria (Chief Instructor & Director at EBG) visited Cotswold with his partner in crime Nick Rehbein (Director at EBG) for a flight test before making their final decision on the new aircraft. They were impressed with its stability especially when considering the day they flew into Cotswold there were plus 35 knot winds!

The next task was to introduce the new acquisition to the Pilots club and students which was arranged in conjunction with one of the regular BBQs at our base at Redhill Aerodrome. The BBQ experienced a greater turn out than any other that season, as Cotswold flew in a demo machine and students and pilots were given the opportunity to take the G2 out for a quick spin. In true British style a queue formed as everyone waited with baited breath for their turn – everyone that is except Captain David Milton (Instructor at EBG) who had offered to go up to the Cotswold Helicopter Centre so that he could fly down with Andy Moorhouse (Instructor at Cotswold).

After placing our order for the G2 EBG began jumping through each of the hoops required by the CAA & EASA and it is now with great pleasure that we can say our new helicopter is finally ready for collection!

The first photographs we received of our new baby was ..G2-inbints

But now we can see that the caterpillar is most certainly a butterFLY as it has completed its flight test! Here is EBG’s newest addition, our Cabri G2 with the fetching UK registration of G-ETWO!G2-EBGs

Ken & David will being taking a plane down to France on Monday to pick up our new Cabri G2. They will then fly G-ETWO all the way back to EBG’s base at Redhill.

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