The EBG Spanish Tour 2015

or…. ‘EXERCISE CORTIJO CAPER 2015’ 17-22 September 2015.

Dear all,

Thank you for your interest in coming on this jaunt through France and Spain – it is a chance to point the nose of the helicopter south……. fly to the horizon…..and keep on going….for two days!

The simple outline is to fly to a villa in southern Spain near the famous white pueblo of Mojacar, taking two days to fly down, spend two days in the villa and then fly back over two days.  The round trip takes around 25 hours flying time and we divide it up into legs of roughly two hours.  Assuming three pilots in a helicopter, you can see that each pilot should fly for 4 hours on the outbound and inbound sectors.  If you want to do the whole trip, great!  If you want to fly outbound or inbound, we can do a crew change at Almeria (approx a .3 from the villa) on the down days.

The ethos of the trip is fun, but along the way you will learn about Flight Planning, GAR Forms, French and Spanish airspace, operating as a ‘two ship’ (maybe even a three ship…..) formation and enjoy tapas and coffee in some fabulous little out-of-the-way airstrips.  We will break the journey in San Sebastian on the way down and Carcassonne on the way back (or perhaps vice-versa).  All the participants will be responsible for the planning and navigation, the instructors will be there to make sure that no major faux pas are committed.

If you are commanding the helicopter, you will fly and operate the radio.  One of the ‘passengers’ will be the nominated Navigator for the leg and the second ‘passenger’ will be the ‘Check Nav’.  Thus, each participant will gain 12 hours experience whilst paying for 4…….

If you are interested, I’d like to invite you to an informal pre-pre-pre-pre-pre planning BBQ on Saturday 30th May from 1700 at Hangar 1, Redhill.  Bring something to cook, something to drink and we’ll supply the BBQ and a ‘chef’.  We can all natter about the plan and have a look at the charts.

By the way……the landing site in Spain is a little pinnacle at a riding stables, so there is a challenge there too……..

I’ll dig out some pictures from the last trip and post them out in the next few days.

Hope this whets your appetites…….

Don’t forget your BOOKINGS HOTLINE is     info @  or phone 01737 823 282.

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