Vive La France

Vive la Poésie  – by Anne Marie G

My first time to Le Touquet with this motley crew
Hitched a ride out to France, cos I am new
Started off with a briefing from Captain Joe
He told us all we needed to know.

      We checked all our rides were ready to fly
And six helicopters took to the sky
Left Redhill in sunshine, that was some luck,
‘Cos the rest of the week it rained like **ck.

We flew out of Surrey and aimed for the coast
I was in PGGY, she’s faster than most
Even when flown by Captain Nic
He’s not that fast but his flying’s quite slick.

We took in the views on every side
Cameras out, enjoying the ride
Not much else to do when you’re in the back,
But heckle and make the odd wisecrack.

We got to the Channel and over to France
Cruising high in the air as we crossed La Manche
After not very long we made it to land
Turned south and cruised down over the sand

Heard traffic control and a German plane
Failing with English again and again
He finally landed and got to the gate
I’m guessing they must’ve used Google translate.

We set down in France and pedalled to lunch
Ken trying to control the unruly bunch
Arrived in one piece and sat down to dine
A portion of fish, a bottle of wine.
(Actually, no wine, we’re pilots!)

Onwards to ice cream down by the sea
can’t believe nobody bought one for me!
A walk back through town, it’s a lovely place
A slow pedal back, it wasn’t a race.

Then the return leg and my turn in charge
To take to the skies high above La Plage
I checked little NDIA, she was all right
Whistled for Tim and then we took flight.

We flew up the coast and turned left for Kent
Remembered to ditch the bad French accent
Cruised over the sea at 3,000ft
It’s an awesome view from the pilot’s seat.

We waved to LYZA as we flew on back
She’s easy to spot, she’s a Union Jack
I don’t think she saw us, she was going so fast
No way she was getting home last.

We all got home safely, sometime around four,
from a trip that left us all wanting some more
Good times and good friends on a flying sortie
Well, they do say that life begins at forty!

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