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We are always trying to think of new and interesting ways to market ourselves here at EBG so some bright spark came up with the idea of exhibiting at a couple of wedding fairs in the area to see if we could generate some interest from brides to be.

First up was the Hop Farm, we negotiated pride of place at the main entrance for G-WCKD. Ken and I would give out leaflets with the help of Nick Eed who provided plenty of entertainment in his own unique style.

The morning of the show was foggy but burning off. Ken went straight to the Hop Farm to recce the site and I would fly down as soon as the fog lifted. Just in time I was on my way to get in before the doors opened. I knew exactly where the Hop Farm was as soon as I lifted because there was still one patch of low cloud so it’ll be under that then!

We were parked between some very cool classic wedding cars and fielded plenty of enquiries about flying in to weddings around the area. We even dared to venture round the show and do a little bit of networking. I immediately regretted this, the mind boggling array of ways to empty your wallet for photos, table dressings, make-up and bucking broncos? (Must be a Kent thing) has put me off for a little while longer (sorry Hannah). It also made me think that the helicopter is the cheapest thing there! I tried on one dress that was £25,000! I’ve said too much.

Next was the Detling show a few weeks later. This show was probably four times the size of the Hop Farm. We didn’t get quite such a good spot (further from the coffee and doughnut van). But still near the entrance, so you had to talk to me whether you like it or not! It’s always amused me that people go a long way out of their way to come and tell you they wouldn’t get in one of those! I wouldn’t get in a Citroen Picasso but the Courts were quite clear about forcibly telling people this. Unfortunately the rain was a bit more persistent this time so we went inside from time to time for a little bit of drying off and a game of guess what the harpist is playing.

We’ve had a few enquiries from the shows and they keep coming, not to mention Ken and I probably now know more than we ever wished to about planning your wedding, should anyone need some help on that.

 Captain Nick Cox

We have a number of helicopters which will give your wedding entrance the class you want. Call us on 01737 823 179 for a quote or more information on aircraft available for Wedding Helicopter Hire!

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