EASA has arrived with a vengeance!!

The Licence Proficiency check (LPC) rules have changed. If your LPC is out of time be aware that the following supplementary rules now apply.

(i) expiry shorter than 3 months: no supplementary requirements;

(ii) expiry longer than 3 months but shorter than 1 year: a minimum of two training sessions;

(iii) expiry longer than 1 year but shorter than 3 years: a minimum of three training sessions in which the most important malfunctions in the available systems are covered;

(iv) expiry longer than 3 years: the applicant should again undergo the training required for the initial issue of the rating or, in case of helicopter, the training required for the ‘additional type issue’, according to other valid ratings held.

Moral of this is keep current and up to date!

Daily Checks on the R22 and R44

You will no doubt be aware that the blade tips on both aircraft need to be checked prior to
flight. We have incorporated this into the check lists but every Commander must sign in the Tech logs that they have checked the blades.

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