Our flight operations run from Hanger One at Redhill Aerodrome. To gain access to EBG Helicopters drive up to the barrier PRESS BUTTON 4 followed by CALL BUTTON. Once you have been verified the barrier will be raised. Bearing left, drive SLOWLY up to HANGER ONE which is at the far end of the airfield, where parking is provided at the rear of the EBG Offices. Give way to all aircraft manoeuvring when airside, max speed 20 mph

Passengers must bring valid photographic ID. (Legally required for flights over London).

Cameras and video cameras are recommended! All our aircraft are heated so regardless of the time of year you shouldn’t need more than a light jumper.

All aircraft are subject to weight & balance limitations, both for individual passenger weights and the combined weight of all passengers flying. The individual seat limit for tours (R44) is 136kg (21 stone), however if anyone in your group is above 95kg (15st) we ask that you contact Operations to confirm that the aircraft weight and balance limitations are not exceeded. 

Children under the age of six are not permitted to fly on our standard tours. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult Should you wish to discuss these items, please call us on 01737 823282. 

R22 – Maximum weight 17St (108Kg), please advise us if over 15St (95Kg).
R44 – Maximum passenger weight 21St, please advise us if over 15St (95Kg).
G2 – There is no maximum seat weight for this helicopter as long as both you and the instructor fit comfortably in the cabin and are within the total weight and balance limitations.

There are certain health restrictions which may prevent you from flying, these include; Limited Mobility, Epilepsy, Heart Conditions & Pregnancy. If you have concerns that you may not be able to fly we would suggested seeking advice from your Doctor.

The Operator will reserve the right to refuse any passenger from boarding the aircraft in the following circumstances:

  • Late arrival at the terminal
  • Failure to provide photo ID when required
  • When intoxicated
  • When displaying threatening or abusive behavior to our staff or towards any other passenger
  • Any other behaviour that may compromise the safety any or all passengers on-board or the pilot

If you are refused access to the flight, you will not be entitled to a refund.

The Captain of the aircraft is in command and his/her instructions should be obeyed at all times. Any interference with the operational safety of the aircraft, its passengers or cargo could result in immediate landing and prosecution by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Alcoholic drinks are permitted. However normal rules apply to drunkenness; in so much that should a passenger report for a flight under the influence of drink or drugs, that it is within the scope of the aircraft captain to refuse to carry such passengers.

It should be noted that some of our flights include complimentary champagne and also that chocolate and flowers with complimentary champagne can be provided for special occasions on request.