Legal to Fly

As a fare paying passenger you might wonder how you can be sure your flight is legal and safe. Whether you are flying as a passenger on business or leisure, if you a friend, family member or employer has paid for a flight in a helicopter that flight must meet certain safety standards. Such a flight is recognised in law as commercial air transport and should never be considered a private arrangement. The organisation or individual operating the flight must have the correct certificate, insurance and licences.

  • EBG (Helicopters) Ltd are authorised through the Civil Aviation Authority. We hold an AOC (Air Operators Certificate) which enables us to conduct commercial air transport flights and are also an ATO (Authorised Training Organisation). EBG also holds insurance on each of our aircraft to enable us to legally and safely carry out the flights we provide.

  • For more information on flight regulations please read the ‘Legal to Fly‘ document provided by the CAA or visit their website here:

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