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PPL(H) pass for Stanley

Congratulations to Stanley K who passed his PPL(H) with examiner Bob G on his right. The smile says it all. Well done to all concerned.

Night Training at Redhill – Feb 2024

Instructors Anne-Marie and Bob have been taking out students and commercial pilots for night training this week. Take a look at the video captured showing the long queues of traffic moving like a snake through

Land-Away Lydd

Dual land-away at Lydd with Instructor Ross and Pawel T! Pawel T with G-EERY after a safe training flight to Lydd with Ross instructing. The Coastguard helicopter captured taxiing along to the hangar as they

PC passed!

Tino passes his PC with flying colours! Now that’s safely out of the way time to rent the helicopter for some self fly hire bookings.

R22 training this morning with Bob

What a lucky morning it was, despite the weather forecast, this morning the skies were clear enough for some flying! Instructor Bob out with a student in G-NDIA.