Lydd Kart Circuit

There is nothing like the thrill of racing. Since the creation of the wheel, man has competed in the sport in one form or another, just for the adrenaline rush and the glory that comes with “taking it to the limit”.

Karting at Lydd Kart Circuit, offers all the thrills of a fast paced Motor Sport plus a true “in your face” racing experience that cannot be beaten.

Race Track

Not even the great British weather was going to stop our intrepid team as they took to the skies each contemplating the challenges that lay ahead in the form of 1040m circuit purporting to be the fastest circuit in Kent and one of the fastest in the Country. The track
was purchased in 2010 by ex-racer James Clarke and his sole aim is to make Lydd the “Silverstone of Karting”

Were our 11 brave souls up to the challenge?

Serious contemplation was given to the choice of outfit as wrong sizing could have dire consequences.
After much deliberation our Red Army was ready to take on Kent.

Relaxed in their new kit and with a confident air serious thought was given to driving style.
Kitted Out
Remembering the golden rules of karting they hit the track.
– Pick a fast car
– Enter turns slow, exit turns fast
– Be smooth – accelerate and break smoothly
– Plan your drive path as “out in out”
– Limit the sliding in your turns
– Time your passes carefully
– Don’t crash into people

Well here is our illustrious team quite relaxed with their achievements – can’t say that about the footwear!!!
EBG Pilot's Club
A good time had by all……




 EASA has arrived with a vengeance!!

The Licence Proficiency check (LPC) rules have changed. If your LPC is out of time be aware that the following supplementary rules now apply.

(i) expiry shorter than 3 months: no supplementary requirements;

(ii) expiry longer than 3 months but shorter than 1 year: a minimum of two training sessions;

(iii) expiry longer than 1 year but shorter than 3 years: a minimum of three training sessions in which the most important malfunctions in the available systems are covered;

(iv) expiry longer than 3 years: the applicant should again undergo the training required for the initial issue of the rating or, in case of helicopter, the training required for the ‘additional type issue’, according to other valid ratings held.

Moral of this is keep current and up to date!

Daily Checks on the R22 and R44

You will no doubt be aware that the blade tips on both aircraft need to be checked prior to
flight. We have incorporated this into the check lists but every Commander must sign in the Tech logs that they have checked the blades.

EBG End of Season Fireworks 2012

Once again a great evening was had by all at the EBG Firework Display. For those souls who braved the cold there was Chilli Con Carne to warm us through with the addition of the Fire Pit for toasting marshmallows and toes! The evening was clear providing a dark backdrop for a dazzling display!! Well done to our resident pyromaniacs and not forgetting a very big thank you to our caterers for the copious amounts of food and drink.