EBG suspension of flight training

Dear Ebg Members,

Following the Prime Ministers announcement last evening, Ken and Nicolas have closed EBG Helicopters  Flight Training School for the time being until further guidelines are received. So for obvious reasons the restrictions mean we not be holding any of the club events until further notice.  If we stick to government instructions hopefully we will get through this difficult period and all come out the other side.

Please take care and keep safe

Another CPL pass at EBG

Congratulations to Hannah for passing her CPL today. A huge well done and thanks to Bob and all at EBG.

Hannah passing her CPL earlier today

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Congratulations – G2 type test

A great picture showing Ksenia after passing her G2 type test.

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IOW helicopter flight?

Below is a picture taken last year during a self fly hire from Redhill around the Isle of Wight and back with a pitstop on the way for fuel and coffee.

IOW Summer 2019

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London sights leaving Redhill

Another excited group of customers on their way to amazing views of London with EBG Helicopters.

London sights tour lifting from Redhill with EBG Helicopters
On our way to London!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all at EBG Helicopters

From everyone at EBG Helicopters we wish you a Happy New Year.

London looking so pretty

London looking amazing this afternoon

Another lovely shot of London from a London Sights tour by EBG Helicopters today.

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Any Spurs fans needing some good luck?

This may help.

Is it a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for Spurs?

A lovely shot captured on a London Sights tour with EBG Helicopters this afternoon.

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A little water at Redhill aerodrome

A picture below from Captain Bob of EBG Helicopters showing the approach to Redhill aerodrome. What a lot of water!

Approach to Redhill aerodrome

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