Another Commercial Pilot pass

Huge congratulations to Oliver Mitchell who passed CPL(H) with EBG Helicopters.


OliverMitchell passes his CPL(H)

Oliver Mitchell passes his CPL(H)

There is a huge amount of work that goes into the commercial pilot training programme.  14 exams for starters, a minimum number of flying hours as a base level requirement and then a minimum of 30 hours commercial flight training.

A lot of work and congratulations to Oliver and all connections.

Rotor at sun rise

One of the plus points about getting to the airfield early is the opportunity to experience scenes like this.

Helicopter tail rotar at sun rise

Helicopter tail rotor at sun rise

Quiet before a busy day, lovely winter sunshine showing nicely through a rotor of one of our G2’s.

Call our team to have a chat about a learning to fly, a trial flying lesson, a sight seeing tour, or even to discuss booking a charter flight from point to point.

Tickets are appearing for festivals in 2019 already.  Wouldn’t it be cool to arrive in style, skip over the traffic and get there in a fraction of the time.


Christmas Special for London Sights Seeing trip with EBG Helicopters.


The Shard at Christmas

Christmas lights from Tuesday Tim and Oliver night rating sortie over London.

Give our team a call to book your day time London Sight Seeing trip.

Christmas Lights from the Shard

We have a Christmas Special offer running for that special Christmas present.

Christmas Special for London Sights Seeing trip with EBG Helicopters.


Another tour taking off

Another successful London Sights Tour lifting from EBG Helicopters in Redhill.

London Sights Tour lifting

London Sights Tour lifting

An amazing experience and a short distance away from London.  Fly along with river Thames with EBG Helicopters.  Experience the capital city in a totally different way.

Give our team a call today to book your experience of a lifetime.

Christmas Special for London Sights Seeing trip with EBG Helicopters.


What it is to hover with EBG Helicopters

A great picture of a hover going on at Redhill, Surrey with EBG Helicopters.

Being inside a helicopter when hovering is a great experience, being the pilot in control and keeping it hovering is a whole different experience.

It just has to be experienced to be believed.

Hover practice

Hover practice with EBG Helicopters.

Come on down to EBG Helicopters for a trial private pilots lesson.  Talk with the team, maybe start your PPL journey before 2018 finishes.  A great, friendly team to help you on each stage.

Learning to fly not quite your bag, come on down and take a sight seeing trip in one of the many helicopters.  London Sights is amazing and certainly one to bring your camera on.

Christmas Special for London Sights Seeing trip with EBG Helicopters.


London Sights Pre Flight briefing

Shown in the picture below is a pre flight briefing for a London Sights tour.

The route to be taken described in detail, where the best place for pictures of certain well known London landmarks will be.  Calling out all of the major landmarks and some of the minor, more interesting ones as well.

Pre flight route check briefing

Pre flight route check briefing

Some of the weather this time of year is just amazing for view and pictures.

A helicopter flight around London is certainly something to consider for that difficult to buy for person.


Christmas promotion

We have a Christmas promotion for our most popular London Sightseeing Trip – the Exclusive with Champers!

Book early and get a great gift ready for that hard to buy for special person.  They’ll love it!!

Christmas Promotion

Quiz time – What is it and what aircraft is it from?

Another quiz type posting for all you mad keen helicopter people out there.

Yes it’s from a helicopter, which is a good start.

What is it?

What helicopter is it from?

What is it and what type of aircraft?

What is it and what type of aircraft?

EBG Helicopters for all of you maintenance as well as pilot training, charters, and sight seeing tours.

Call us to day to see how we can help?  Great friendly helpful team.


Great day to fly

An early start at EBG Helicopters with a lovely picture of the sun over the airfield this morning.

Sunrise over Redhill Aerodrome

Sunrise over Redhill Aerodrome

An amazing day to fly, visibility will be amazing.

Treat yourself or buy a sight seeing flight for a Christmas present.  Give our office a call today to discuss options.



London by night

A training flight over London, not a problem, no big deal.

Tim and Dave took to the skies on a night familiarisation training flight.

Amazing pictures, amazing opportunity to expand knowledge and experience.

Thanks to Redhill Tower for providing the late cover to make the flight possible.

Night Training Flight along the Thames

Night Training Flight along the Thames

Night Training Flight showing London Eye

Night Training Flight showing London Eye

Come to EBH Helicopters for your PPL and CPL training.  We have an excellent team, who will be there every step of the way on your journey.

Call today for a chat, come down to the airfield for a cuppa, nothing ventured, nothing gained.