Love is in the air….literally

Valentines day at EBG Helicopters and I’m pleased to say we had a proposal flight today.

Muhammed and Ledia engaged today
Muhammed and Ledia engaged today

A lovely sunny clear day for a helicopter flight and hopefully one that Muhammed and Ledia will remember over the years to come.

We got one! Muhammed and Ledia engaged today
We got one! Muhammed and Ledia engaged today

Congratulations to them both, thank you for flying with EBG Helicopters today.

Cold under skids

Here we have a lovely picture of a snow covered landing area for one of our R44’s recently.

Snow under skids for one of our R44's recently.
Snow under skids for one of our R44’s recently.

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My sweet valentine come fly with me!

Whether you embrace the Valentine Day thing or not it is certainly a time to slow down a little and think about your loved one. Granted you should be doing that anyway but as we are all racing around making a living, taking care of stuff, sometimes it may get lost in the mix.

A nice romantic meal at your local restaurant on Valentines day is likely to be very busy so maybe consider doing that a few days after?

Or how about doing something totally out of the box?!?!

Book an amazing sightseeing trip with EBG Helicopters, we will even provide the bubbles, choccies and I think we could even stretch to some flowers.

Something different to consider, spending time with your loved one, sharing experiences is what it is all about. Flying in a helicopter is an amazing experience…..AMAZING!

My Valentine, come fly with me.
My Valentine, come fly with me!

Call our friendly team today and lets us take care of everything.

Do something different this Valentine’s day and take your love one on a helicopter tour of London!

GLTZY gets herself out of the hangar

One of our EC120’s appears to be taking herself for a walk out of the hangar on Sunday getting ready for a London sight seeing trip.


Of course GLTZY was being guided by our own Captain Bob with help from Geoff who was taking the video and pictures.

Captain Bob with GLTZY

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Dungeness and Lydd airport

A lovely day for it! One of the benefits of flying in a helicopter is the view.

On a good day it is amazing, and a less than good day, still breath taking.

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LYZA returns to the pad

A short video showing LYZA returning to the pad

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Snowy aerial view

Below we have some lovely pictures taken from one of our helicopters flying over snow covered fields from Captain Howard.

Always nice to get different views of the world and there is just something quite special about clean, crisp, white snow.

Snowy fields as seen from EBG Helicopters and Captain Howard.
Snow, snow and more snow….

If you haven’t flown in a helicopter I think it should be high on your list to do. It’s not as expensive as you might think, it’s really easy to arrange, the only thing you need to worry about is the correct weather.

Give our team a call today and come fly with EBG Helicopters from Redhill. It is truly breathtaking!

So many helicopters lifting from EBG Helicopters

Sunday was a busy day again for EBG Helicopters at Redhill. A combination of self fly hire, training, and sight seeing trips.

A combination video has kindly been put together of the various aircraft lifting throughout the day and its quite a sight to see.

Lovely helicopters, could watch them all day.

A great compilation of helicopters and linked into our YouTube channel where a lot more videos will be uploaded over the next week or so.

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G-LTZY coming out to play

Here we have @redhill_09 getting G-LTZY out in a blustery day. Lovely looking helicopter.

G-LZTY coming out to play at Redhill for EBG Helicopters
G-LZTY coming out to play at Redhill for EBG Helicopters

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EC120 as seen from R44

Another video clip of one of our EC120 helicopters, GLTZY as seen from one of our R44’s.

GLTZY as seen from one of our R44s.

Amazing to watch, thrilling to be in the helicopter flying alongside.

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