2017 Season at an end…

As another season comes to an end we must welcome all our new students who have taken up flying and increased our Instructors log book entries. As the days are drawing shorter and getting colder remember we are still open for business, as our Brucie would have said “Keep Flying”.

G-ETWO will be returning to the Cotswolds at the end of September but we still have plenty to offer on the training front: G-LYZA, G-ERRY, G-NDIA, G-PAMY,G-PGGY and G-SWNS are all awaiting your attendance!

On the Charter front, amongst the celebrities this summer we transferred Lewis Hamilton to Silverstone for the Grand Prix –he won –could it be the smooth flight from our pilot helped the smooth drive to victory? Unfortunately our wonderful EC130 G-WCKD has now moved on and is taking up residence in Switzerland. If anyone knows of another EC130 please let Ken know!!

Both our EC120s G-DLUX and G-OTFL are still working hard as some of the few single engine helicopters still able to land at London Battersea  Heliport commercially.
The summer ended with a deflated drizzle and the planned barbeque for the 1st of October to end things with a bang was cancelled (rain, rain and more rain!). Having survived Hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian our next social event is the Firework display! – 11/11/2017 at 18:00.

The EC120 Type Rating

Congratulations to Tim Piper for completing his Eurocopter EC120 type rating! He will now be flying our EC120 helicopters for our commercial charters as well as instructing on the Robinson R22, R44 and Cabri G2!

Once you’ve completed your ppl(h) or cpl(h) you too may consider getting a type rating on a larger helicopter…

EC120 Type Rating By Cap’n Tim Piper

The Eurocopter EC120 is a great pilot’s machine, as long as the checklist is followed the start can be very uneventful although exciting as you hear the Arrius 2F turbine engine start to come to life. Under instruction of Ken I lifted it into the hover using a lot of right pedal due to the fenestron tail rotor being less efficient than a conventional tail rotor system in the hover, this could take a little bit of getting used to unless you have previous experience with the Cabri G2 helicopter. Transitioning into forward flight I started to relax into the aircraft and was feeling at home. Climbs, descents, and turns are all relatively simple compared to the smaller piston aircrafts even the autorotation’s are no way near as fraught with the dangers of over speeding the rotor system or running out of inertia when you have finished the flare. The whole experience was very enjoyable even the test at the end.

Airfield detail was the most enjoyable part with some real challenges, Tail rotor failure, hydraulic failure, engine failure in the hover and from circuit height, you would have thought we were having a bad day but as they were all simulated it was all ok. Overall the aircraft has a very unrushed feel to it allowing the pilot to fly the aircraft even if an emergency has occurred. Best part, it’s a great big toy with a jet engine in it, every man’s inner child’s dream!

During the Type Rating course along with lots of flying (minimum flight time is 3 hours + test) I had ground school with my instructor Ken and completed self-study of the flight manual and emergency procedures in depth.

Redhill Aerodrome – Training Areas

If you have a chance to have a go in one I would grab it by with both hands!

Fantastic Start to the Flying Season!

We had a great turn out to the Start of Season BBQ at Hangar One this past weekend. The weather was perfect and the EBG Pilots brought lots of very satisfied smiles.

The day started out with Instructors Joe and Ken doing some lessons in the Robinson R44 and R22 with some of our regular students and Dave (also an Instructor and Commercial Pilot) taking an R44 out over London for a photography shoot. Dave removed one of the doors on the R44 for his charter flight, and fitted the customer with a harness so he had maximum movement whilst remaining safely in the aircraft, and Joe with it being so warm also decided to remove the doors on the R22 (see below!)

One O’Clock soon came around and the Barbeque began in earnest Linda and Nick (mostly Linda)  did an amazing job with the food salad, pasta, chicken wings, burgers & baps, sausages and rolls plus lots of sweet treats too. The afternoon consisted of lazing in the sun, catching up with other EBG Club members, their friends and family and lots and lots of EC120 taster flights!

Weekend Fun

We had a busy weekend as the winter weather ever so slowly starts to give way to spring. Our busy pilots would like to offer their congratulations to The Godfrey family who came along to share in Dad’s birthday present, a discovery trial lesson in a R44!

Black Friday Pre-Christmas Offer!!

You wont want to miss this fantastic Deal! In the spirit of Black Friday from the first of December 2016 EBG Helicopters will be offering Training and Self Fly Hire in the Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter at the same rate as the Robinson R22 for Six Months Only.
To take advantage of the fabulous opportunity call us on 01737 823 282 to book your flight now!
Offer open to both New and Current students as well as New and Current Self Fly Hirers. The Cabri G2 is also available for Type Ratings and other types of training at this reduced rate. If you have any questions please give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you!

G2 Deal

Lydd Kart Circuit – Club Trip September 2016

lydd-titleThis is the message that greeted us from Captain Joe Searles : “The plan for Friday is for me to completely wipe the floor with all of you, not because of any weight advantage but because of my skill in a cart”.

Challenge Accepted!

The sun was already out and a thin layer of radiation fog was draped over the airfield when the first of us arrived at the Redhill Aerodrome, everybody was in high spirits as we all helped to check and ready the helicopters for our trip to Lydd Airport and then on to Lydd Kart Circuit.

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Happy New Year!

It’s January, and while it’s still cold and damp we’re drawing ever closer to the start of the flying season. The season kicks off in just over 2 months with the Cheltenham Festival. The Festival™ as most refer to it delivers an unbelievable occasion as the finest horses, jockeys, owners and trainers battle it out for the racing honours, their reputations and over £4.1 million of the prize money. Over 230,000 people pass through the gates over the four day long event traveling from far and wide.

Flying into a sporting event such as the Cheltenham Festival is a convenient time saver and makes what is usually a great day out an awesome one. For your quote to fly into The Festival™ please call us on 01737 823 179 for your bespoke quote, or use the form below.

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A109 landing

Aerial Photography – Viking Star

Aerial photography is often challenging work, and at EBG Helicopters we really enjoy a good challenge. Back in May we were tasked flying a photographer over the Thames so that she could capture the debut voyage of the Viking Star Cruiser whilst sailing past various iconic land marks. On the day weather wasn’t feeling too cooperative, but it was still good enough to fly. Early in the morning, shortly after sunrise G-PGGY was wheeled out, one of her doors was removed and the professional photographer was fitted into her harness.

Our commercial pilot then took to the skies and managed to catch the huge boat alongside the O2 Arena and traveling carefully through the Thames Barrier. With our pilot holding the aircraft steady and listening intently for any instructions from both the Photographer and Air Traffic Control the below images were captured.

Once back on the ground at Redhill Aerodrome, wireless internet was sought and the Photographer immediately began picking and choosing photographs to be released to the press in time for publicising the Viking Cruiser’s Maiden Voyage that very morning. Titles such as “Viking invasion!” popped up on the internet amidst the striking aerial photographs and photographs showing the luxurious interior of the Cruise ship.

Summer 2015 Newsletter Summary

What a Summer!!

A big thank you to our Commercial Pilots, Instructors, Ground Crew (Emma), Engineers and Admin Staff (Omi) for another successful summer season and we have managed it without the help of the weather in August!  It has not quietened down – September so far has not shown any sign for slowing up and, with a new influx of students, is keeping Joe, Jeff, Ken and the team fully occupied.

On that note, I must mention a big ‘Welcome’ to all the BIH students and Self-Fly Hirers who are making their way to us since BIH closed its doors on the 31st July.

Hope you enjoy our Newsletter – there are two opportunities coming up to join us and meet the EBG Team and fellow members.  Our BBQ which is on 27th September and our Fireworks Evening on 7th November.

For those of you who are new to EBG we have attached the previous newsletter so you can see what else we have been up to recently. (Spring Newsletter 2015). Looking forward, we hope you will enjoy being an active member of the EBG Club!

We’ve had a number of interesting jobs to complete over the flying season. From urgent deliveries of Nissan car parts to a factory all the way in Sunderland to action films (Age of Kill 2014 & We Still Kill the Old Way 2015).

But our most interesting yet has to be the Promo work we did with Random House for the new 50 Shades of Grey book “Grey”.



The day started bright and early for Ken who was flying this job. But earlier still for Omi who was meeting the gentleman who was adding the special ‘GREY Enterprises’ decal prior to the flight. The early departure was requested by the customers as the aircraft was due to feature on the ‘This Morning’ show that very day. Once g-WCKD was all stickered up she was flown the short journey to the London Heliport where filming would begin…

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