Training flight pictures

We are always looking to get good pictures and to share these to help show the amazing views you get from a helicopter.  

Amazing, unobstructed views.  

Give EBG Helicopters a call today to book your flight.  Make sure you bring your camera and a large memory card!  

Picking up an EC120

Tim and Josh looking very pleased to be picking up an EC120 helicopter this weekend. 

Picking up an EC120 helicopter

Gatwick Cross

Below are pictures and a video of Tim Piper and Dave Willmer crossing Gatwick on their way back to Redhill.  Dave has recently passed his PPL(H) , congratulations!!

Coming up to Gatwick

Come and experience helicopters either learning to fly and starting your journey to your PPL(H) or as a sight seeing trip. 

Give the team and call and see where you can get to.  

Heli-lanes to Elstree

EBG Helicopters taking advantage of a good weather day with a trip via the the heli-lanes to Elstree on Friday. 

Taylor Rose on the podium

EBG Helicopter engineer, Jason and his son, Taylor Rose (15 years old).

Taylor was on the podium for 3 out of 4 races this past weekend.  

Some pictures below showing its not just helicopters EBG is involved in.  

Club trip to France

At the end of August we saw a large number of EBG helicopters and pilots make their way to France for a day trip. 

Below are some videos of aircraft departing.  

First up is a G2, CKRK.

First one away.

Training flight to Southampton

EBG Helicopters pilot Tim Piper has been to Southampton this week on a helicopter training flight.

Below is EBG Helicopter lining up to leave Southampton.

EBG Helicopters lining up to depart Southampton.

EBG Helicopters are an excellent training company providing PPL(H) and CPL(H) training using an extensive fleet of helicopters.  

London sights flight with EBG Helicopters

Happy customers capturing pictures of their London sights flight with their EBG Helicopter pilot, Bob.  

A lovely experience, a great way to see London and if you haven’t flown in a helicopter before certainly a must do item.  

Contact EBG Helicopters for details on the London sight tours amongst others.  

EBG Helicopters also provide point to point Helicopter charters with a fleet of different types of helicopters to suit most needs.  

Pictures with the pilot.  London sights helicopter flight.

Parking in Jersey

EBG Helicopters were in Jersey on Thursday and happened to snap the wonderful Red Arrows in different formation than we usually see them in.  

Red Arrows spotted parked up for the night by EBG Helicopters in Jersey.
Red Arrows in parked formation in Jersey  (Picture: Bob G)