Leaving Goodwood

A short video clip taken at Goodwood recently showing a number of different aircraft spinning up getting ready to leave.

Leaving Goodwood…

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Another PPL pass with EBG

Olli after his pass

Another happy camper at EBG Helicopters. Olli, pictured, had a good pass with Captain Tim at EBG Helicopters.

Congratulations to Olli on your pass and the start of your amazing flying adventure!!!!

Video of a London Sights Tour

Here we have a short clip of Captain Tim lifting for a London Sights tour this weekend in one of our R44’s.

Lifting for a London Sights Tour

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Another PPL pass with EBG

A huge congratulations to Liam Barnes who passed his PPL yesterday with Captain Tim Piper.

Liam Barnes following his PPL pass with Captain Tim
Liam Barnes following his PPL pass with Captain Tim

Fancy learning to fly? Unsure what’s involved? What are the costs involved? How many exams do I need to take? I might not even like it…..(unlikely but possible).

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An amazing team at EBG Helicopters, friendly, welcoming, all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

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Morning sun rise at Redhill

A lovely picture of DLUX in the early morning before a charter trip to Goodwood revival with Captain Bob.

DLUX in the early morning sun.

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Rarely seen

Below is a pic taken by Captain Tim on a London Sights trip.

Rarely seen?
Rarely seen…..what’s different in this shot?

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EBG pays a flying visit to Shere Hill Climb 2019

Sunday 1st September saw the latest edition of the Shere Hill Climb event with circa 220 vehicles making three runs over the day up the course.

Shere Hill Climb 2019

A large number of classic cars were in attendance and we felt it only right and proper to bring G-LYZA, our union jack G2 into the event.

G-LYZA landing at the Shere Hill Climb 2019 event

Landing around lunchtime to allow folks to come and have a look around the aircraft made sense and proved very popular.

Captain Anne-Marie talks about the aircraft.

A successful visit which added a different angle to the Shere Hill Climb 2019 event.

Box Hill anyone?

The observation area at Box Hill from one of our R22 helicopters.

Box Hill observation point
Box Hill observation point

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Pit stop at Solent airport

A self fly hire trip from Redhill around the Isle of Wight with Captain Anne-Marie with a pitstop at Solent airport.

Here we have one of our R22 helicopters being refuelled at Solent airport while pilot and passenger were enjoying the cafe.

Refuel at Solent airport for G-EERY from EBG Helicopters
Refuel at Solent airport for G-EERY from EBG Helicopters

An amazing flight and such a cool way to see the Isle of Wight.

Working in the field

Working hard in the field
Working hard in the field

A picture taken at the weekend capturing hard work going on in a local field.

This was taken on the way to the Isle of Wight and gives a very different view.

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