Summer days

A lovely picture of G-LYZA returning to the pads after a self fly hire.

G-LYZA, G2, returning to the pads

A lovely glorious day to fly, a lovely shot of one of our G2’s with a fixed wing landing on the right of the picture.

Visibility was fabulous, certainly beats working from home or from an office.

Give our team a call today to see how you can experience the joys of flying.

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Flight of fancy? #staycation

Our EC120 lifting earlier for a flight. Give our team a call to book your flight of fancy and take advantage of the #staycation.

EC120 taxis away on a trip.

Charter flights, London sights, learn to fly? A large number of options to get you that flying fix you may be missing? Think differently during these #staycation times!

Get your flying fix with EBG Helicopters. #staycation

Reflect and move up

R22 reflecting on the pad

Dropped into the airfield today and captured one of our R22’s sat on the pad between flights.

Come and talk with our team about learning to fly, book that sight seeing trip, ponder that charter flight. Always welcome at EBG Helicopters.

G-PGGY returning from a London sights tour

One of our R44’s (G-PGGY) returning from a London sights tour yesterday afternoon. Amazing conditions, great light, atmospheric, unique experience.

R44 returns to EGB at Redhill

Give our office a call to book your unique experience. Learn to fly with EBG. Charter a helicopter. Anything helicopter related we can help with. Call us today.

R22 touching down

A nice picture of one of our R22s touching down and a fixed wing taking off in the distance.

Come and learn how to fly a helicopter with EBG Helicopters. A great experience with an amazing teaching team of instructors.

Not quite sure this flying lark is for you? We have many options for you to dip your toe as it were to see if you like it or not.

R22 touching down

EBG Helicopters also offer charter and sightseeing flights. Give our team a call today for a chat.

After a hard day flying

One of our R22 aircraft returning back into the hangar.

R22 returns to the hangar
R22 going back into the hangar

Come and learn how to fly a helicopter with a great team, a great location and some fabulous machines.

Call our team today, there’s never been a better time!!

#Staycation – Tour of London in a helicopter?

Returning to the airfield following an amazing tour of London

Staying in the UK this summer? Looking for something very different? How about a helicopter sightseeing tour of the London sights with EBG Helicopters?

Based at Redhill, Surrey, call us today and book in your sightseeing trip.

#Staycation, learn to fly

G2 coming into land at EBG Helicopters, Redhill

Staying in the UK this summer? Come and learn a new skill with EBG Helicopters at Redhill, Surrey?

Learn to fly a helicopter! Perfectly achievable, come and have a chat and see what’s involved?

#Staycation? Do a type rating.

With several people deciding to stay in the UK and maybe take a #staycation, we are pleased to congratulate Dave on completing his type rating on a G2 helicopter. A great decision, huge congratulations to Dave from everyone at EBG Helicopters.

Call EBG Helicopter today. We are open, we are flying, we are teaching, we are doing charter flights and sight-seeing trips.