GA flights a go for owners

Since 13 May some sports, in which it is possible to observe social distancing, are permitted. The government takes the view that recreational general aviation is a permissible recreational sport.

Getting Helicopters ready to fly at EBG Helicopters, Redhill

This excludes most training flights, as social distancing measures require people not in the same household to maintain 2 metres of separation. While these flights are a key source of income for many aerodromes, they cannot presently be undertaken in a way that reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission to an acceptable level.

EBG Helicopters, Redhill, getting machines ready for owners to fly.

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Summer view #7

Another view from a trip to the coast last summer.

Along the beach looking out to the Isle of Wight

Summer views #2

Another from a trip to the Isle of Wight last summer.


EBG suspension of flight training

Dear Ebg Members,

Following the Prime Ministers announcement last evening, Ken and Nicolas have closed EBG Helicopters  Flight Training School for the time being until further guidelines are received. So for obvious reasons the restrictions mean we not be holding any of the club events until further notice.  If we stick to government instructions hopefully we will get through this difficult period and all come out the other side.

Please take care and keep safe