A Sky-High Adventure: EBG Pilot Club Fly Out to Enstone Airfield

A Day to Remember for EBG Helicopters’ Pilot Club

With a drizzly start to the day there were blue skies as EBG Helicopters’ Pilot Club descended upon the historic Enstone Airfield for a day filled with aviation thrills and camaraderie. With a diverse group of students, self-fly hire pilots, and instructors, the airfield came alive with the hum of rotors and the laughter of enthusiasts eager for a day of flying and fun.

There was varied weather on route to Enstone.

A Feast and Fellowship

After a morning of flying, the group gathered for a welcome drink and canopies. There’s something about the combination of good food and good company that makes everything taste better. Stories of the morning’s flights were shared.

The Spitfire Simulator: A Dive into History

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Spitfire simulator. Nestled in a corner of the airfield, this simulator offered a unique opportunity to experience what it was like to fly one of the most iconic aircraft of World War II. For many, it was a dream come true. With realistic controls and a fully immersive experience, the simulator allowed everyone to feel the thrill and challenge of piloting a Spitfire. Students and seasoned pilots alike were captivated by the detailed simulation, which provided a fascinating glimpse into the past and a deeper appreciation for the skills of the wartime pilots.

For the students & self-fly hire pilots, it was a day of learning and inspiration as well as a chance to hone their skills and enjoy the freedom of the skies. For the instructors, it was an opportunity to share their knowledge and watch their students grow. And for everyone, it was a reminder of why they fell in love with flying in the first place. As the group departed, there was already talk of the next adventure. Because at EBG Helicopters, the sky is never the limit—it’s just the beginning.

Fly High, Fly Safe

This visit to Enstone Airfield was a testament to the vibrant community at EBG Helicopters. Here’s to more such adventures, more shared flights, and more days spent soaring through the skies. Until next time, fly high and fly safe!

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