Doors are still off…

The return of PAMY and Captain Tim Piper.

A nice video taken at dusk as PAMY returns from the doors off photography charter flight. We don’t get many videos or pictures at dusk and this video is a really nice one. I think pilot and passengers all had a hot drink soon after landing!!

Booking a charter flight for photography is cost effective and flying without doors takes away any issues with glass reflection. Flying over London to get those lovely aerial shots are a must. If you haven’t flown in a helicopter before its a win-win!

A great experience and great shots for your portfolio.

Call the team at EBG for your helicopter needs. Going to a festival in 2019? What a way to arrive. Off to the races maybe? Charter flights into a venue are “the” thing to be done in 2019. Too expensive? You’d be surprised when you split the cost with your passengers. Call us today and talk with our friendly and experienced team.

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