Another first solo flight

Congratulations to Liam on his first solo flight!

Liam after his first solo flight at EBG Helicopters
Liam after his first solo flight at EBG Helicopters

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Thumbs up for another great London sightseeing helicopter trip

Thumbs up from one happy passenger with another looking on carefully as EBG Helicopters takes more people out for a fantastic experience around London.

Thumbs Up London Tour

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Don’t forget your camera.


Directing a PPL student

A close up picture showing Captain Tim Piper directing and guiding a PPL student coming into land at Redhill Aerodrome with EBG Helicopters.

Training flight direction


Again lovely conditions for the training flight in EBG’s fantastic G2 LYZA marked up in Union Jack colours.

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Trial Lesson at EBG Helicopters

Another successful trial lesson completed at EBG Helicopters.

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Fireworks Display – EBG Helicopters

EBG Helicopters are hosting a fireworks display on Saturday 10th November from 6:00pm.

Fireworks display 10th November 2018 from 6:00pm

Don’t forget to bring one large firework, some sparklers and a pack or two of marshmallows for roasting.


Chasing a shadow

Earlier this week a training flight returning back to the EBG Helicopters hanger that appears to be chasing a shadow. 

Lovely weather, get out there and enjoy the tremendous conditions.   

Chasing shadows

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Picking up an EC120

Tim and Josh looking very pleased to be picking up an EC120 helicopter this weekend. 

Picking up an EC120 helicopter

Heli-lanes to Elstree

EBG Helicopters taking advantage of a good weather day with a trip via the the heli-lanes to Elstree on Friday. 

Club trip to France

At the end of August we saw a large number of EBG helicopters and pilots make their way to France for a day trip. 

Below are some videos of aircraft departing.  

First up is a G2, CKRK.

First one away.

Training flight to Southampton

EBG Helicopters pilot Tim Piper has been to Southampton this week on a helicopter training flight.

Below is EBG Helicopter lining up to leave Southampton.

EBG Helicopters lining up to depart Southampton.

EBG Helicopters are an excellent training company providing PPL(H) and CPL(H) training using an extensive fleet of helicopters.