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PPL(H) pass for Stanley

Congratulations to Stanley K who passed his PPL(H) with examiner Bob G on his right. The smile says it all. Well done to all concerned.

Night flying over Redhill Aerodrome

Night flying over Redhill Aerodrome. For pilots needing a night rating or just want to experience flying after sunset, EBG Helicopters can help with that – especially during the winter when it gets dark early.

Amazing views from a helicopter over London

It is always a pleasure being able to fly over London and being able to take photographs. I would highly recommend EBG Helicopters to anyone who is looking for a London sightseeing tour. Photographs by

Fly out to Wadhurst Castle

The EBG Helicopter fly out in formation was arranged by Captain Bob. G-SWNS (R44), G-LYZA (G2) and G-EERY (R22). Captains Simon and Rick flew with Bob in the R44, Captains Stewart and Malcolm flew the

Rainbow skies

Some beautiful rainbows seen around Redhill Aerodrome. Which one is your favourite? Photographs by @geoffwivag