Self Fly Hire

One of our R44’s leaving the airfield on a self fly hire booking over the weekend.

PGGY leaving Redhill aerodrome
PGGY leaving Redhill aerodrome

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Tiger Moth fly by at Redhill

Our very own fly by from nine Tiger Moth planes on their way to Biggin Hill after a pitstop at Redhill.

All nine Tiger Moth planes fly by Redhill

A short clip showing Tiger Moth planes on their way to Biggin Hill airshow.

Isle of Wight training flight

Lovely pics from a recent training flight down to the Isle of Wight.

An amazing way to see the country side and get that different perspective.

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Heli lane delight

London Baby!

A different approach into London for this shot. Coming in from the North enabled a number of different pictures. London Eye middle of shot.

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Land away to Rochester

Below we have a very happy Alan who landed away to Rochester last week.

Alan at Rochester
Alan at Rochester

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Self fly hire to Popham

An overhead shot of Popham airfield from a weekend self fly hire by Captain Anne-Marie and picture by Pauline.

Gradually ticking airfields to visit in the South East.

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Another first solo flight

Congratulations to Liam on his first solo flight!

Liam after his first solo flight at EBG Helicopters
Liam after his first solo flight at EBG Helicopters

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Thumbs up for another great London sightseeing helicopter trip

Thumbs up from one happy passenger with another looking on carefully as EBG Helicopters takes more people out for a fantastic experience around London.

Thumbs Up London Tour

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Don’t forget your camera.


Directing a PPL student

A close up picture showing Captain Tim Piper directing and guiding a PPL student coming into land at Redhill Aerodrome with EBG Helicopters.

Training flight direction


Again lovely conditions for the training flight in EBG’s fantastic G2 LYZA marked up in Union Jack colours.

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