Details of all the Happenings at EBG Helicopters.


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What do you do in your spare time?

Ohh this and that but I do fly helicopters! As soon as you mention you fly helicopters the conversation dives into how you started, how much, where, when, how long etc etc. Start that hobby

A great trial lesson

So you quite fancy this flying lark? Not sure where to start? You might not like it? (Really?) A brilliant way to try before you fully commit is to book a trial lesson with EBG

Another PPL pass with EBG

Another happy camper at EBG Helicopters. Olli, pictured, had a good pass with Captain Tim at EBG Helicopters. Congratulations to Olli on your pass and the start of your amazing flying adventure!!!!

Another PPL pass with EBG

A huge congratulations to Liam Barnes who passed his PPL yesterday with Captain Tim Piper. Fancy learning to fly? Unsure what’s involved? What are the costs involved? How many exams do I need to take?